Bridget Sumser, LCSW

About Bridget Sumser

I am a parent, therapist, social worker, and member of the queer community.

I believe in the deep healing power of relationship. As a therapist, I see my work as creating a space for you to come and be – be yourself: full, messy, unknowing, wondering, curious. Curiousity is central to how I connect – what makes you tick, what is your north star(s), and who creates a circle around you.

Our time together will integrate the existential and the tangible, the reflective and the strategic. While I hold traditional advice-giving for rare occasions, I partner with you to find accessible ways to try new things.

I work hard to create an accountable space. This means I hold close an evolving awareness of the systems we live in and how issues of power and privilege may play out in our lives and in our relationships. We are all influenced and impacted by systems we did not create and yet must still navigate.

This is one of the many reasons the concept of practice resonates in a big way for me. I am not perfect, I am learning right along with you, We get to figure this out together.

I received my MSW from NYU in 2012 and have been in private practice since 2019. I work with individuals, couples and families in all stages of life. At Hatch, I hold a special space for new families, the transition to parenthood, honoring the changes and newness that comes with birth. I hold dearly the power of transitions, I see and look to unearth untended to grief and sadness, as a means to be more in touch with our lives, more in touch with awe.

I practice on the unceded land of the Ramaytush Ohlone, the native people of the San Francisco Peninsula, who continue to guide and steward this place. I pay my deepest respect to the community past, present, and future. As concrete action, I pay the Yunakin Land Tax.

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Bridget Sumser, LCSW

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