Charisse Balance, DPT, RYT

About Charisse Balance

Dr. Balance has created a practice that artfully weaves the embodied, spiritual practices of yoga and John Barnes Myofascial Release with her skills as a physical therapist to holistically treat each individual client’s needs during the perinatal period.

Her work focuses on the intersection of where evidence-based healthcare meets intuition therefore providing a safe, sacred and consent-based environment that allows for autonomy and agency.

She uses her experience as a Spinning Babies practitioner and parent educator to encourage ease during pregnancy and birth. She offers workshops, virtual and in person visits.

Her practice commonly addresses birth preparation and injury prevention while treating abdominal /pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, abdominal separation, musculoskeletal pain, bowel and bladder dysfunction.

Charisse Balance - Collaborating Partner - Hatch Midwifery

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