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Expecting Together Series

Expecting Together is a warm and supportive space for expecting families to connect and grow together. 

Join us every Wednesday from 6pm-8:30pm for an evening filled with valuable insights and community. Each session features a special topic presented by a local expert, providing essential knowledge to help you navigate pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. The evening concludes with a grounding exercise designed to center and prepare you for the incredible journey ahead. 

The cost is $45 per session, or you can save with a 4-pack for $160. Pregnant attendees are welcome and encouraged to bring a partner or important support person with them. 

Come be a part of our nurturing community and share in the experience with others on the same path. 

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Upcoming Sessions

Join us for an enlightening session focused on the importance of tummy time for infant spinal growth and development, coupled with an introduction to the benefits of chiropractic care for young children. Led by experienced family chiropractor, Danielle Geiger, this session offers invaluable insights into nurturing your baby’s physical development from the very start.

Discover why tummy time is essential for building core strength, improving feeding and motor skills, and preventing developmental issues in infants. Learn practical tips and techniques for incorporating tummy time into your daily routine, promoting optimal spinal alignment and overall well-being for your little one. Additionally, explore the benefits of chiropractic care for common concerns in newborns. Whether you’re expecting or already a parent, this session provides essential knowledge and practical strategies to help you support your baby’s growth and development, laying the foundation for a lifetime of health and vitality.

Facilitated by Dr. Danielle Geiger from Thriving Life Wellness

In this session, Alicia Contreras, HypnoBirthing® coach, will introduce us to the world of HypnoBirthing, where we demystify this centering tool for childbirth and explore its benefits. We’ll delve into what HypnoBirthing is and how it can enhance your pregnancy and birthing experience. From understanding the physiological and psychological aspects to practical applications, we’ll provide an introductory overview that empowers you to embrace this gentle, natural birthing method with confidence.

Discover how HypnoBirthing® can support you throughout your pregnancy journey, from alleviating fears and anxieties to promoting deep relaxation and empowerment during labor. This session offers an immersive introduction to the HypnoBirthing program, including practical exercises and guided relaxation. Whether you’re a first-time parent or seeking a more serene birth experience this time around, this session will help you learn if HypnoBirthing® is right for you. 

Facilitated by Alicia Contreras, HypnoBirthing® Doula

Are you expecting a new addition to your family and eager to ensure that you’re mentally and emotionally prepared for the transition into parenthood? Join us for an enlightening session led by licensed social worker, Bridget Sumser, who specializes in supporting folks during life’s biggest transitions. We’ll explore the importance of nurturing your mental health as you embark on this transformative journey.

During this session, our expert will provide invaluable insights and practical strategies for navigating the emotional ups and downs that accompany the transition to parenthood. From understanding the common challenges and stressors faced by expectant parents to developing coping mechanisms and support systems, we’ll cover essential topics to help you feel confident and resilient as you prepare for this new chapter in your life.

Learn how to prioritize self-care and establish healthy boundaries to protect your mental well-being amidst the demands of parenthood. Discover effective communication techniques for navigating changes in your relationships and fostering a supportive environment for yourself and your partner/support team. Gain tools for managing stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns, and explore resources and support networks available to you during this pivotal time.

Facilitated by Bridget Sumser, LCSW

Join us for this tip-filled session hosted by birth & family photographer, Robin Weir, where we’ll explore the art and importance of photographing (at least part of) your birth experience. Discover why preserving these precious moments through photography can be a transformative and empowering choice for expectant parents. From the intimate emotions to the monumental milestones, we’ll discuss the significance of each shot and how to set them up for maximum impact.

Learn practical tips and techniques for capturing the beauty and raw authenticity of childbirth, from selecting the right equipment (spoiler: it’s okay to use your smartphone!) to understanding lighting and composition. Whether you’re considering hiring a professional birth photographer or hoping to document your birth journey yourself, this workshop offers invaluable insights and guidance to help you tell your unique birth story through the lens. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to create lasting memories that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.

Facilitated by Robin Weir from Robin F. Weir Photography

Join us for a unique and enriching session led by experienced postpartum doula and founder of the Asian Birth Collective, as we delve into the art of nourishing your body and soul during the postpartum period. Drawing upon traditional wisdom and cultural practices, we’ll explore the importance of postpartum nutrition from an Asian health perspective.

Discover the healing power of nourishing foods and herbs that have been passed down through generations, tailored to support postpartum recovery and promote overall well-being. From warming soups and nourishing teas to nutrient-rich dishes infused with aromatic spices, we’ll uncover the secrets of Asian cuisine that nurture both body and spirit during this transformative time.

Learn practical tips and sample recipes for incorporating these healing foods into your daily diet, ensuring optimal postpartum recovery and vitality. Whether you’re seeking to replenish your energy, balance your hormones, or support lactation, this session offers invaluable insights and guidance to help you thrive during the postpartum journey.

Facilitated by Cherie Sheh from The Asian Birth Collective

Join us for this session dedicated to supporting nursing during the “golden hour”, that precious window of time immediately following birth when the birthing parent and baby bond and nursing is initiated. Led by midwife and lactation consultant, Kelly Wong McGrath, CNM, NP, IBCLC, this session offers guidance and support for new parents embarking on their breastfeeding journey.

Discover the profound benefits of the golden hour and steps to promote an effective and comfortable latching. Learn about optimal positioning, skin-to-skin contact, and responsive feeding cues. We will also address common challenges and concerns that may arise during the early hours, including tips on how to overcome them and when to get additional support. Whether you’re a first-time parent or seeking to start your next nursing journey off right, this session provides a comfortable environment to learn and connect.

Facilitated by Kelly Wong McGrath, CNM,NP, IBCLC from Hatch Midwifery

In this informative session, join us for an exploration of interventions and potential complications that may arise during childbirth. Led by experienced community nurse midwife, Kelly Wong McGrath, CNM, NP, we’ll delve into the various medical interventions commonly used during labor and delivery, such as inductions, epidurals, and cesarean sections. Through engaging discussions and evidence-based insights, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the reasons behind these interventions, their potential benefits, and associated risks.

While complications for healthy birth people are uncommon, we’ll address the “common uncommon” complications that can occur during childbirth. By equipping yourself with knowledge about these potential challenges, you’ll be better prepared to recognize warning signs, advocate for your preferences, and actively participate in decision-making during labor and delivery. Whether you’re planning for a low-intervention birth or anticipating medical interventions, this session empowers you to approach childbirth with confidence, informed consent, and a proactive mindset.

Facilitated by Kelly Wong McGrath, CNM,NP, IBCLC from Hatch Midwifery

Professional Series

This weekend workshop is hosted by CNMs and CPMs experienced in community birth. The curriculum focuses on preparing the certified nurse midwife to cultivate a community birth practice.

Topics covered include:

  • Community Birth Roles
  • Intermittent Auscultation of Fetal Heart Tones
  • Community Birth Charting
  • Labor Skills for the Community Birth Setting
  • Spinning Babies for Labor
    Emergency Skills & Indications for Transfer
  • Newborn Exam Skills
  • Lactation Support at Home
  • Postpartum Evaluation & Skills in the Home Setting
  • Business Setup & Strategies for Community Birth Providers


This workshop is open to new midwives, midwives who have maintained a hospital-based practice, and midwives who are returning to practice after a hiatus. This workshop is offered twice a year and scholarships are available (see the Hatching Possibilities tab for more information).

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