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Where do we start?? Our model of care is built around the idea that pregnancy and the postpartum are not periods of illness but a natural rite of passage. Our holistic care centers your growing family’s unique physical, emotional, and social needs on an individualized basis. This approach, by its very definition, requires time – time that we will have together! Standard prenatal care visits in the medical model of care are typically no longer than 15-20 minutes. Our visits range from 30-60 minutes so that we can make sure that we are meeting your personal needs.

On top of all the routine prenatal care offered in a standard clinic or hospital-based practice, we integrate many traditional practices, many of which are rooted in midwifery, to support a healthy and comfortable pregnancy and postpartum. These can include ear seeding for common complaints of pregnancy (like nausea, insomnia, etc), postpartum belly massage to promote healing, mindfulness, herbs, homeopathy, and more.

While we hope this is not the case, our comprehensive care can help identify these concerns early and make sure you get the best follow-up care. Kelly is board certified as both a nurse-midwife and a primary care nurse practitioner and has the skill and ability to help you care for many common conditions in pregnancy and the postpartum. If you develop complications outside of the scope of our care, we will help you connect with the right care team and help guide you through the process.

Currently, we are only offering care during labor and birth for repeat clients and people preparing for their second birth (or beyond). This is because we have a deep commitment to quality prenatal and postpartum care. Limiting the number of births we are available to attend helps to expand our ability to serve more people who desire relationship-based midwifery care all throughout pregnancy and into the postpartum. While hospital-based practices have you see providers prenatally who may be at your birth, there is typically no guarantee that you will have built a relationship with the person who attends your birth. What we offer is the opportunity to build a relationship with the midwife who can care for you in both the prenatal and postpartum and help you create a team-based plan with your chosen support people (e.g. partner, friends, family, hired birth support, etc.) for labor and birth. If you are having your first baby and are considering homebirth or community birth, please reach out. We have lots of great recommendations for wonderful community birth midwives all around the Bay Area.

That’s great! We love community birth! While your midwife will provide your comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care, Hatch Midwifery has a discounted package for families planning community birth, which includes lactation support and access to our prenatal group walks and postpartum support groups.

Hatch Midwifery is out of network for all insurances. If you have PPO insurance, we work with a third-party biller to submit a super bill to your insurance for reimbursement as an out-of-network provider. If you are interested in working with us and you have PPO insurance, we can help you with a verification of benefits with our biller. This can give you a better sense of what portion of our fees will be reimbursed by your health insurance. We gladly accept payments from HSAs and FSAs.

Our comprehensive (prenatal, postpartum & lactation support) care begins at $5,500 and may include other costs, such as need for any specialty medications, home visits outside of San Francisco, etc. We strive to find care that fits your needs. We offer a number of a la carte services, such as stand-alone lactation consultation and postpartum care, preconception counseling, post-miscarriage care, gestational diabetes counseling, and more. If you’re interested in a customized care plan to meet your needs, please contact us.

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