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Caring for a growing family is so much more than the medical care of a pregnancy. Our preconception, prenatal, postpartum, and lactation care centers around you and your family. 

Hatch Midwifery offers longer visits with a small team of compassionate providers and community support to help you feel prepared and cared for during this transformative phase of life.

Kelly Wong McGrath, CNM, NP, IBCLC

Growing a family can feel both joyful and overwhelming and everything in between…all at once.

It can be challenging in our current world to feel confident about the choices you will need to make as a parent, whether you are in the early stages of planning your family or find yourself in the thick of being postpartum.

My great passion is helping families find the answers they need through thoughtful conversations and relationship building.

There is no single right way to have a baby! Figuring out the right way for you takes time and trust. My approach centers around longer visits with conversations designed to help you explore your desires, which you may not even know are desires yet!

I have had training in both modern and traditional forms of healing and wellness and use a blend of these approaches to support your personal care.

I am a dual board-certified nurse midwife and primary care nurse practitioner, an international board-certified lactation consultant, and a mom of three young children.

I have been trained in utilizing various traditional practices, including acupressure, herbal medicine, and more.

About Kelly Wong McGrath - San Francisco Bay Area Midwife
About Hatch Midwifery - San Francisco Bay Area Midwife

My desire to open Hatch Midwifery came from a strong desire to offer family-centered midwifery in our local community. I was born and raised in the Inner Sunset (two blocks away from our space!) and love the western districts of San Francisco.

Community is such a big part of raising small children and with so many people in San Francisco living away from extended family, I wanted to offer a space where people could get the personalized care they want while also broadening their community of support.

When I’m not supporting families and cuddling babies, I can be found with my partner and three sweet babes, making yummy, plant-based food, knitting, and sneaking away to hike under the redwoods.

Collaborating Partners

Hatch Midwifery collaborates with other community birth midwives in San Francisco, who help cover visits and provide additional support during births.

Additionally, Hatch Midwifery is proud to be the home of other professionals who support families during their transition into parenthood.

Charisse Balance - Collaborating Partner - Hatch Midwifery



Adrienna Lalanne - Collaborating Partner - Hatch Midwifery



Serena Saeed-Winn - Collaborating Partner - Hatch Midwifery



Bridget Sumser, LCSW

bridget sumser

Bridget Sumser

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