Postpartum Care

At Hatch Midwifery, we know that the real work starts once the pregnancy is over and you find yourself caring for your healing body and the needs of your newborn baby. Despite this being the time when you have the most questions, postpartum care is almost non-existent in the U.S. medical system.

We want to change that. Our comprehensive postpartum care provides in-depth care and support when and where you need it.

Why Choose Hatch Midwifery for Your Postpartum Care?

The postpartum, just like some many other phases of the parenthood journey, is unique to each person. We understand that your needs during the postpartum may be very different from your neighbor, your friend, or even your own sibling.

To help us understand your needs, your postpartum care starts while you’re still pregnant (but if you find yourself already in your postpartum needing one-on-one support, don’t worry, just reach out and we can talk about options).

Your prenatal care visit will focus on getting to know you and your family and learning about your birth and postpartum care plans. The goal of this visit is to create a postpartum care plan that is tailored to your needs. If you are already a prenatal care client, the content of this visit is included in your care.

You’ll also be automatically enrolled in our prenatal lactation prep classes. In this session you’ll learn the basics of how lactation works, how to position the baby for feeding, common concerns that come up in early nursing and how to manage them, how to best use a pump, and more.

Once your baby arrives, you’ll let us know and we will arrange your first visit. This typically happens the day after you arrive home. However, if you end up with an extended stay in the hospital or have complex needs that would benefit from a hospital visit, we are available to do that too. You will have a total of three home visits (or hospital visits if needed) spread across the first week after you return home from the hospital.

Your postpartum care will continue with three clinic visits. The focus of these visits will continue to be on the birthing person’s healing and emotional health, lactation support, newborn care, and adjustment to life with the new baby. These visits typically take place at three weeks and six weeks postpartum, as well a transition visit at a time of your choosing, which can be timed to coincide with a planned return to work/school or another bigger transition time.

Your Postpartum Care: What to Expect

This includes inspection of the vagina and vulva (for vaginal births) or surgical incision (for cesarean births) for appropriate healing. If you require any resuturing of any perineal or vaginal lacerations, we can typically perform this in your own home or at the clinic.

We will monitor vital signs, including blood loss and ensure that your uterus is involuting (coming back down to its normal size) appropriately. If you develop any signs of infection, we can refer you for follow-up care as appropriate. We will also screen for signs of postpartum mood concerns.
We will monitor your little one’s overall wellness with checks of their vital signs, full physical exams, weight checks, signs of jaundice, umbilical cord healing, and monitoring for signs of any birth related trauma.
This includes a careful exam of the baby’s mouth to assess for any signs of tongue or lip ties, evaluation of nursing technique, evaluation and treatment of any tissue damage of the chest or nipples, troubleshooting of any nursing concerns, as well as detailed feeding plans as needed. Should tongue or lip ties be noted, we will help arrange a referral to the right care team.

It can be really empowering to share a positive birth story and healing to share an experience that had some rough parts. We will review the details of the birth, address any questions you may have about what happened, and discuss ways to emotionally heal from any parts of your birth that felt difficult.

As you begin to understand your baby and their individual needs, we will support you in helping to cultivate healthy sleep habits for the entire family.
We use a variety of techniques to support the continued healing of your womb, including heated castor oil packs, moxibustion, herbs, soaks, and a variety of other techniques that we will show you how to do at home.
After you have stopped bleeding, we will do a comprehensive pelvic floor assessment to evaluate for any pelvic floor concerns that may benefit from continued care with a pelvic floor specialist. Included in this, we will also evaluate for any separation of the abdominal wall muscles.
We will discuss your wants and needs regarding family planning. If you chose a prescription birth control method, we recommend safe options for lactating parents (as eneded) and can prescribe this for you as well.
The birthing person can choose when to have this visit in the first year after birth. Whether you or an important support person who are transitioning back to work, going to school, or experiencing an important life change, this visit focuses on support and planning for this transition.

What Testing Is Included

Your care will include routine monitoring and any specialized testing as needed:

In-home testing.

Vital sign checks for both the postpartum person and the baby. We will also monitor the baby’s weight.

Lab tests.

There are no standard lab tests during the postpartum. However, we can draw follow-up labs if you have any health concerns that warrant testing.

Our Supportive Community

At Hatch Midwifery, we believe there is nothing more important than community during the early weeks and months of your parenting journey.

Our postpartum care includes access to many opportunities to connect with other families in your local community.

These offerings include:

  • Postpartum support groups. These weekly sessions are hosted in the park (weather permitting) and offer an opportunity to discuss topics important to young families. The format is casual and built to accommodate the needs of new parents with young babies.

  • Lactation support groups. Your postpartum care includes free attendance to one lactation support group and 10% discount on all future lactation support groups. Lactation support groups are a wonderful way to learn from your peers and address your common nursing concerns.

We know that your questions and concerns aren’t always limited to business days. Your postpartum care includes phone, text, and email access to a midwife seven days a week. If you need urgent care, we can see you on an as-needed basis or help coordinate a visit with a hospital provider if that is more appropriate.

No matter what, our goal is to make you feel supported throughout your entire postpartum journey.

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