I worked with Kelly to induce lactation for my baby that my partner carried and am still nursing 5+ months later! Kelly is the perfect combination of incredibly well-researched and knowledgeable, collaborative, and enthusiastically optimistic while still being honest, transparent, and realistic. She is wonderfully sweet and makes you feel so comfortable as you're discussing deeply vulnerable experiences. I'm sure Kelly would lovingly shake her head as I say this, but I absolutely cannot imagine being able to nurse my baby without her. I am beyond grateful for every piece of advice, every calm and collected answer to my frantic questions, and the overflowing support from Kelly. She has my highest and most impassioned recommendation.
I truly can’t describe how grateful I am for Kelly’s guidance and instruction during my breastfeeding journey. I had considerable pain when initially breastfeeding and if it weren’t for Kelly, I 100% wouldn’t have been able to continue with it. Kelly encouraged me and took the time to ensure that I tried every technique I could to make it less painful. At eight months postpartum I’m so happy I stuck with it. Kelly is knowledgeable, approachable, warm and genuinely cares about her clients' successes. I couldn’t recommend Kelly enough and just wish there were more practitioners like her!
We feel so lucky to have worked with Kelly as our midwife through two pregnancies. In a busy world where everything can feel prescribed, Kelly nurtures a pregnancy/birthing experience where you are empowered to make space for yourself and choose what is best for you and your family. Kelly is calm, compassionate, and easy-going; we have always felt assured in her care. In group sessions, Kelly is a fantastic facilitator - always creating a safe space to learn and build community with other expectant families. She'll always have a special place in our hearts as she caught our first baby!
Zoe & Alex
Kelly was our midwife and delivered our daughter at San Francisco Birth Center. From the moment we arrived that day, Kelly provided us with calm, confident, supportive, and expert care. Kelly's consistent support and guidance gave me complete trust in her, allowing me to fully relax and focus all of my efforts and attention on myself and my baby. The value of this can't be understated, and I'm forever thankful that Kelly enabled such a peaceful, internally-focused delivery. Once our daughter was born, Kelly took incredible care of us both while allowing us seemingly uninterrupted time to bond. The whole experience was so gentle, considerate and thorough while keeping my daughter's and my needs right at the center.
There are so many wonderful things to say about Kelly and her skills as a midwife. Throughout my entire pregnancy and childbirth preparation Kelly made my husband and I feel safe and respected. As a labor and delivery nurse, I largely understood what to expect during my pregnancy and birth, but my husband, on the other hand, had a lot of questions. Kelly was thorough and patient in addressing his questions, calming his nerves concerning potential complications and emergencies. During my pregnancy, I also struggled with feelings of depression and overwhelming thoughts. Kelly provided a safe space for me to share my struggles and offered helpful solutions and resources. I went well past my due date and Kelly was with us every step of the way, helping us explore evidence-based and patient-centered options for encouraging labor safely. Once in labor things moved extremely quickly and I was grateful to have Kelly by our side. Kelly’s presence was reassuring and the care and skill she demonstrated exceeded my expectations. I had the birth I envisioned and was able to bond with my baby knowing that we were in excellent hands. Kelly’s combination of warmth and clinical expertise makes her an excellent midwife and I look forward to being in her care for future pregnancies and birth!
I remember being so excited to tell Kelly how thoughtful, important, and relevant the information she had chosen to include in the group sessions felt for me. Having been part of other prenatal groups for my first pregnancy I felt a clear difference in how the information was being chosen and delivered. While topics of anatomy and birth preparations were covered, I really appreciated the sessions that encouraged us to reconcile and communicate our fears and anxieties. Sharing this in a group with like-minded parents was healing. I also believe group prenatal care facilitates community for the non-birthing parent- and I think Kelly did a great job at doing this. We were working with multiple midwives and we didn’t know who would be on call during my delivery. My husband and I always said- if we have Kelly we know we are in incredibly competent hands. We were lucky- as Kelly was on call for us. During my labor I felt incredibly safe and empowered. As a second-time birthing mom, Kelly trusted my body and encouraged me to follow my intuition. I felt free to move in the space, as she quietly listened to baby and gave me space and words of affirmation in between. With her guidance, the birth of my son was beautiful and healing.

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