The Case for Midwifery Care: A Safer Choice for Birth & Prenatal Care

Midwifery is a safer option for medically uncomplicated pregnancies

I recently had a client get a Verification of Benefits (a document that one can get stating what is covered and what is not covered prior to getting the services in question). This client had the “platinum” level of insurance…the best of the best. So, you would think, “Great! All safe and reasonable choices will […]

How Does Your Insurance Effect Birth Outcomes?

Does Your Insurance Effect Birth Outcomes

Introduction: Meeting Our Insurance Biller I was recently on a call with Alicia Hanson-Glatzel of Earthside Billing. Alicia is the incredibly enthusiastic biller who handles our billing at Hatch Midwifery. And I have to say, I never thought a conversation with a professional claims’ handler would leave me feeling so excited and proud to represent […]

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