Ah-ma’s Postpartum Herbal Soup

When I think back to the birth of my first child, one of the most wonderful memories I have of those early days snuggled up with my baby is the doting care I received from my grandmother. I lived with her growing up and was lucky enough to live with her again for a couple […]

Thawing Out the Truth: Why Ice Packs Aren’t Really Cool for Postpartum Perineal Care

"1950s-style scared housewife looking at frozen peach in ice cube, representing caution against using ice for perineal healing in postpartum"

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the journey of birth, and despite your well-earned period of rest and relaxation, you’re navigating the winding road of healing your postpartum body. One term that may have been mentioned to you as you prepared for this moment is “ice diapers”, or the recommendation to use ice packs on the […]

Improving Postpartum Care: Why It’s Essential, Not Optional

Is Postpartum Care Optional?

Rethinking Postpartum Care: The Shocking Reality I was recently visiting a friend who works at a local OBGYN practice. While I was waiting for her, I noticed a poster titled “Your Prenatal Care.” It outlined the visits a pregnant person should expect to receive during pregnancy and then at the bottom, there were two lines […]

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